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The persistent adverse impact of tuberculosis (TB), malaria and neglected tropic diseases (NTDs) on health and development outcomes has spurred increasing levels of investment and effort in tackling the global deficiencies in innovation of and access to new health technologies for these diseases.

One such initiative is the strategic partnership between the Government of Japan and UNDP, which aims to promote research and development (R&D), as well as access to and delivery of new health technologies in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This strategic partnership is reflected in two complementary projects: The Global Health Innovative Technology (GHIT) Fund and the Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP).

The GHIT Fund is a public–private partnership that focuses on the promotion of innovation and research through the development of drugs, diagnostics and vaccines for TB, malaria and NTDs. It leverages Japanese technologies and expertise in the biomedical sector to develop new health technologies, by funding research and product development partnerships (PDPs) between Japanese and non-Japanese organizations.

Once available, the introduction of new health technologies can place significant burden on existing health systems in LMICs, including challenges relating to affordability, regulatory control, selection and prioritization, supply and distribution, and safety monitoring. Accordingly, the ADP complements and supports the work of the GHIT Fund and other PDPs, by strengthening the capacities of LMICs to effectively introduce and scale-up these technologies.

Forging linkages between R&D and innovation, with access to and delivery of health technologies, to achieve the SDGs

Forging linkages between R&D and innovation, with access to and delivery of health technologies, to achieve the SDGs

Supported by the Government of Japan and led by UNDP, the ADP is a distinctive collaboration between UNDP, TDR (the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, hosted by the WHO) and PATH. Working together, the ADP partners leverage the expertise within each organization to provide the full range of technical expertise necessary to strengthen national capacities for effective introduction and scale-up of health technologies in an integrated manner. Read more about the ADP’s approach here.

This short video provides a snapshot of what is required to improve access to effective treatments and diagnostics within health systems, and to help ensure they reach the people and communities most in need.