Improving pricing and procurement of health technologies to advance universal health coverage

By Rachel Turkel, Ian Mungall & Lydia Gronemeier On 26 Apr 2019 Read 1382

Well-managed policies and approaches for the pricing and procurement of health technologies are vital for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to ensure the availability and affordability of essential medicines and health products for their populations.  With the inclusion of a specific tar...

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Tuberculosis: older than time, tougher than nails

By Mandeep Dhaliwal On 23 Mar 2019 Read 930

The results of decades of inaction on TB are that doctors are stuck with an antiquated treatment regimen that is both challenging to administer and monitor Six thousand years since tuberculosis first appeared and 137 years after Dr Robert Koch identified the bacteria responsible, world leaders are n...

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Leveraging South-South exchange for strong, resilient health systems

By Lydia Gronemeier and Ian Mungall On 22 Feb 2019 Read 845

Cover photo: A health worker administers a vaccine in Indonesia. The Access and Delivery Partnership promotes knowledge exchange between countries to build strong and resilient health systems. Photo: Ihsan Ahmad/UNDP Indonesia. Bangkok –  The Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP) is expan...

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ADP scaling up efforts to end TB, malaria and neglected tropical diseases

By ADP On 24 Jan 2019 Read 1308

Cover photo: Health workers from a local community health centre promote vaccines to residents in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Fauzan Ijazah/UNDP. Despite marked improvements in global health, tuberculosis (TB), malaria and neglected tropical diseases (NTD) continue to affect billions of people around...

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Defeating drug-resistant TB in Indonesia: a human face

By Ministry of Health Indonesia & UNDP On 28 Nov 2018 Read 1474

Cover photo: Despite significant progress, TB continues to claim more lives than any other infectious disease worldwide — over 4,500 a day. The emergence of drug-resistant TB threatens to derail efforts to end TB. Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top four causes of death in Indonesia, claim...

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