Health innovations do not miraculously reach people in need

By Dr. Tim France On 18 Feb 2016 Read 2006

The Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP) is a Government of Japan-supported collaboration between UNDP, WHO/TDR and PATH. It supports low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to strengthen their capacity to improve access to, and delivery of, new health technologies for TB, malaria and neglect...

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The ADP provides crucial support in strengthening Ghana’s National Medicines Policy

By Belynda Amankwa On 15 Dec 2015 Read 2957

In light of recent public health reforms aimed at achieving universal health coverage (UHC) in Ghana, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has embarked on the process of revising the second edition of the National Medicines Policy (2004). A Technical Working Group (TWG), comprising experts from a range of g...

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Strengthening the use of Competition Law to Promote Access to Health Technologies in LMICs

By Les Ong On 04 Dec 2015 Read 2194

Promoting competition within the pharmaceutical market has proven to be an effective strategy in reducing the price and increasing the availability of essential medicines. The introduction of generic medicines led to significant reductions in the price of HIV treatment, which has contributed to the ...

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Strengthening pharmacovigilance in Indonesia

By Dr. Christine Halleux On 26 Oct 2015 Read 3265

Access to new drugs in low-and middle-income countries has been made easier through various public health initiatives. Many of these treatments have the potential to save and improve the quality of many lives, but the introduction of new drugs may result in previously unanticipated events and advers...

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Ethiopia launches landmark national pharmaceutical manufacturing strategy

By Farzana Nawaz On 27 Aug 2015 Read 3425

On July 14 th , during the third Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, the Government of Ethiopia launched its “ National strategy and plan of action for pharmaceutical manufacturing development in Ethiopia .” The strategic plan sets out time-bound goals for a range of inter-...

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