Self-assessment and reflection activities

An assessment of your current competences and skills for designing and conducting IR projects is essential to effectively use this toolkit. The self-assessment tool that has been integrated into this Toolkit allows you to identify your core IR competencies and understanding, enabling you to design and conduct effective IR projects. It helps to highlight areas where your IR competencies can be strengthened, and also supports the formation of IR teams comprising individuals with balanced and complementary skill sets.

The assessment incorporates a new framework of core IR competencies that was developed in alignment with many IR training programmes globally – it was particularly designed to be responsive to IR training needs in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

You should complete the self-assessment tool (takes approximately 15 minutes the first time). Save your responses for future review and periodic updating as you progress through the IR Toolkit and other resources.

Repeat the self-assessment once again each time you/your team completes successive modules of the Toolkit. Compare responses with previous assessments to help gauge the knowledge and confidence gained from each module.

TDR Implementation research toolkit(Second edition)

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