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Global health at TICAD VI…

By ADP On 01 Sep 2016 Read 1073

The Government of Kenya hosted the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) in Nairobi, from 27 to 28 August. Resilient health systems and universal health coverage (UHC) were among the main focuses of the agenda. Here are a few of the highlights we noted during the two-day meeting…

The TICAD VI Declaration describes the three main pillars of African development priorities, and the Nairobi Implementation Plan maps out essential action steps to achieve them. Pillar 2, entitled Promoting resilient health systems for quality of life emphasizes:

There should be particular emphasis on country and community-led resilient, inclusive, and sustainable health systems supported by effective policymakers and managers to ensure country ownership and by coordinated international assistance, including efforts to increase global funding for health system strengthening to ensure health services to all individuals throughout their lives.

…A greater use of enhanced country coordination mechanisms for health system strengthening should also be supported. In this regard, research, development and innovation for addressing diseases are indispensable.

TICAD discussions in Nairobi, and the resulting Declaration, acknowledged that health system strengthening (HSS) is critical for African countries to achieve UHC.

During the meeting, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged that Japan will mobilize a total of US$30 billion in private- and public-sector funds to invest in Africa over the next three years, primarily to boost infrastructure building. The Government of Japan also pledged to invest in the joint World Health Organization/World Bank Group Global Monitoring Report to track country progress on UHC, and announced plans to host the first annual meeting on UHC measurement, to be held during 2017 in Tokyo.

Leaders reiterated how investing in UHC saves lives, secures livelihoods and boosts collective prosperity. The World Bank Group and the Global Fund announced commitments of up to US$24 billion to UHC in Africa over the next five years.

The Global Health Innovative Technology (GHIT) Fund also held a side-meeting entitled Global Health R&D: Transformative Action and Partnership. During the meeting, Dr Mandeep Dhaliwal – Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) HIV, Health and Development Team and Chair of the Access and Delivery Partnership’s Advisory Group – had an opportunity to describe some of the early lessons from the ADP project.

One of the principles underlying the annual TICAD meetings is that ownership and international partnership are keys to growth and sustainable development in Africa.