Access and delivery at the heart of the #HealthforAll promise

By ADP On 10 Dec 2019 Read 3446

At this year’s UN General Assembly, Member States made an historic commitment to improve the health of the world’s people with the adoption of the Political Declaration...

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Challenging gender inequalities in access and delivery of NTD programmes

By ADP On 04 Dec 2019 Read 1832

Gender, sex and their intersections with other social determinants of health such as poverty, education and livelihoods shape peoples’ vulnerability to neglected tropical dis...

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Health experts at TICAD7 highlight partnerships and innovative initiatives as central to accelerating universal health coverage in Africa

By ADP On 09 Sep 2019 Read 3794

Yokohama – New partnerships and investments are vital to making universal health coverage in Africa a reality, said high-level experts at a side event at the Seventh Tokyo In...

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Digital health and data-driven innovation could revolutionize TB response, experts say

By ADP On 04 Sep 2019 Read 2215

Yokohama – Tuberculosis (TB) remains the biggest killer among infectious diseases in the world, but experts at the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Developme...

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Promoting innovation and access for neglected diseases in Africa

By ADP On 21 Aug 2019 Read 2067

By helping drive product development and safeguarding sustainable access and delivery in African and other low- and middle-income countries (LMICs),  the Access and Delivery P...

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