Text box: What is different about an IR proposal?

Characteristics of an IR proposal

  • Clear distinction between routine disease control and systematic study and analysis of issues.
  • Indicators to measure outcomes.
  • A focus on a limited number of priority areas, rather than focusing on a large number of small isolated issues that are unlikely to have a significant health impact.
  • Possibility to extrapolate to other settings and diseases.
  • Active link to disease control.
  • Partnership and link up with other ministries, departments and agencies.
  • Involvement of mentoring and training for younger researchers and involvement of more experienced individuals.
  • Involvement of health professionals from the study setting.
  • Active dissemination of results at all levels of implementation.

Additional characteristics to consider:

  • Each funding agency has its own proposal format and specific requirements.
  • Not all agencies will require all components included in this module.
  • Some agencies may require a letter of intent (LOI) or a concept note as a preliminary screening step, to ensure your proposal will align with their needs.
  • LOIs include the same components as a research proposal, but with less detail.