Table 8: Sub-components of the supplements section
Section Description
Project summary
  • Briefly describes the entire proposal.
  • Although this is read first, you should write it last.
  • Includes a description of the problem under investigation, a rationale (situated in the existing literature) for why the research is needed and/or important, the participants, the methodology, and the implications of conducting the research.
  • This section is your ‘first impression’ with reviewers and may influence whether reviewers choose to fund your proposal.
  • Makes it very easy for reviewers to understand and evaluate your proposed project according to the review criteria.
Table of contents
  • Organizes the proposal by outlining where each item can be found.
  • Presents a convenient list of the topics and sections in a logical sequence ‘at a glance.’
  • Lists all references cited in the text of your proposal (in a recognized referencing style).
  • If a reference is not cited in the text of your proposal, it should not be included in your reference list.
  • May include CVs of team members.