• Getting and being pregnant: Signs of pregnancy, danger signs, physical problems.
  • Feelings during pregnancy: Anxiety, anger/fright, worries, embarrassment, inconvenience, impressions.
  • Family planning: Methods.
  • Advice/activities to promote health: Exercise, activities, smoking, self-care, advice sources, information sources.
  • Birth and miscarriage: Previous experiences, place, signs, caesarean/normal, birth weight.
  • Antenatal care: Staff, place, experiences, meetings, tests, distance/cost, logistics, waiting time.
  • General background: Family, employment, geography.

From the above example, the following broad domains were identified:

  • Motivations for antenatal care.
  • Medical process (experiences of antenatal care and evaluation of that care).
  • Risks during pregnancy.
  • Reproductive histories.
  • Socioeconomic background.

These domains are represented in Figure 8.

Figure 8: Taxonomy of sub-categories2