Table 1: Key plans and components of IR project planning
Plans Components
Stakeholder map Relevant stakeholders and research team, including respective roles and responsibilities.
Project scope Project goal and objectives, coverage, target populations.
Project time lines Work schedule, tasks, deadlines for activities, milestones and deliverables.
Resource management plan Human resources, logistics, technical, finances.
Costing plan Comprehensive budget for inputs and activities.
Quality management plan Protocol review and approval, standard operating procedures (SOPs), project team training, tool and data validation, monitoring, report review.
Communication plan Communication objectives, information needs of the stakeholders, types of knowledge products tailored for different audiences, target audience, communication tools, timing/frequency of communication.
Risk management plan Threats to project objective & opportunities to improve.
Monitoring plan Project objectives, Logic model, resources for monitoring, indicators, targets, data sources, data analysis and reporting system, on-going data dissemination and utilization.
Evaluation/Closure of project plan Evaluation objectives, resources, project report (technical and financial).