Table 8: Indicator matrix (example)
Level in the logic model Monitoring Question Indicator Data Source
  • Vouchers
How many vouchers were purchased? Number of vouchers purchased. Project records
  • Mosquito nets
How many mosquito nets were purchased? Number of mosquito nets purchased. Project records
  • Orienting health staff
How many health staff were oriented on the use of vouchers? Proportion of health staff oriented. Activity log
  • Distribution of vouchers
What proportion of vouchers were distributed? Project records
  • Identify private outlets to distribute mosquito nets
How many private outlets were identified? Proportion of private outlets were selected by level of service? Project records survey
  • Sensitize women attending ANC about malaria prevention
How many women attending ANC were sensitized about malaria prevention? Number of mothers attending ANC that were sensitized about malaria prevention. Exit interviews
  • Conduct surveys
Were the surveys conducted as planned? Number of surveys conducted. Project records
  • 300 health staff oriented on use of vouchers
What proportion of oriented staff are following guidelines when distributing vouchers? Percentage of health staff following guidelines. Health facility survey
  • At least 90% of the vouchers distributed
What proportion of vouchers are distributed? Percentage of vouchers distributed. Project records
  • All distributed nets are impregnated with insecticides
What proportion of distributed nets are impregnated with insecticides? Number of distributed nets that are impregnated with insecticides. Survey project records
Outcomes Has community knowledge about preventing malaria improved? Percentage of the community with knowledge about preventing malaria. Survey
Short term (Immediate)
  • Increased knowledge about malaria prevention
What is the change in mothers’ knowledge in preventive measures of malaria? Levels of knowledge compared to baseline. Exit interviews
  • 90% of nets are purchased through the voucher system
What proportion/number of the nets are acquired through the voucher system? Proportion/number of nets acquired through the voucher system. Survey, Facility survey
  • Increased knowledge on the value of attending at least 4 ANC visits
What proportion of pregnant mothers understand the importance of attending at least 4 ANCs visits? Proportion of pregnant women attending at least four antenatal visits. Survey
Intermediate (1-2 years)
  • Increased number of mothers and children sleeping under bed nets
What is the coverage of mosquito nets in the community? Proportion of mothers and under-5 children sleeping under mosquito nets. Survey
Increased number of mothers attending at least 4 ANC visits By how much has the proportion of mothers attending at least 4 ANCs visits changed? Proportion/number of pregnant women making 4 or more ANC visits. Survey

SMART questions and indicators facilitate monitoring.