Table 11: Reflexivity process by research team. Adapted from (12).
Questions for the research team
1. How can we ensure that we do not reinforce existing stereotypes or biases or produce further inequities (i.e. avoidable and unjust inequalities) for some people and populations?
2. What is the best way for people with lived experience, their families and communities to be involved in making sure that the outcomes/results of the research lead to a reduction in inequities (i.e. avoidable inequalities between and within groups of people)?
3. In what ways we can work together to make sure everyone on the research team (as well as any people involved in the research project) feel “comfortable”?

4. (a) How do people with lived experience in the project area prefer to be involved in research and why?

(b) What types of challenges would need to be addressed to make it easier for people living with the experience – as well as their families and communities – to become involved in research?

5. How do we make sure that interpersonal interactions promote a sense of belonging for ALL members of the research team (as well as any participants in the research study)? What makes me feel psychologically safe? What types of interactions do not make me feel safe and should be avoided?