ADP in the newsParticipation at the HTA Workshop in Manila, Philippines (7-9 Jan 2020)

ADP in the News By Thiane Diaw Gueye, Tiguidanke Gassama Deme and Babacar Sow On 29 Jun 2020 Read 1404

ADP, in collaboration with HITAP and the National University of Singapore, supported the participation of three technical personnel for this event from the Senegal National Agency of Universal Health Financial Protection and Ministry of Health and Social Actions.

We are very honored to have participated in the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) training and symposium.

We have seen interesting presentations ranging from economic valuation methods to the introduction of HTA in countries like Japan, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore.

Through the shared modules, we realize that economic evaluation in health is of capital importance since it allows us to clarify choices about new interventions and best contributes to the rationality of decisions for health policy. We realize that there are similarities in terms of socio-cultural determinants with our country, Senegal, which must be taken into consideration when introducing HTA. We also understood that setting up an HTA committee requires strong political will from the experiences of the different countries presented at the symposium.

However, there was a lot of information that was delivered over the course of the training and symposium activity. We are aware that this is an introduction to HTA and that it may take time for assimilate all the concepts. It would be interesting to lighten the modules a little, in order to allow participants to better situate themselves and to be able to feed into the exchanges.

We thank our partners, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as well as United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and our country authorities for allowing us to participate in this very important training. We intend to continue the adventure of possible participation in other workshops and seminars, especially certified trainings on the subject, in order to educate our decision makers on the use of HTA to support decision-making at the national level.

This is the English translation of the blog authored by our Senegalese delegation. Original in French is found here. [Translation by the HITAP team]

Cover photo: Senegalese delegation with Dr. Yot Teerawattananon, Dr. Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai and Aparna Ananthakrishnan from HITAP

Authored by Thiane Diaw Gueye from the Ministry of Health and Social Action, Tiguidanke Gassama Deme and Babacar Sow from the National Agency of Universal Healthcare Coverage (ANACMU)

This news story was originally published by HITAP International Unit