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Ensuring access to new health technologies: An interview with UNDP’s Mandeep Dhaliwal

Dr Mandeep Dhaliwal is the Chair of ADP Advisory Group. She has expertise in health, human rights and evidence-based policy and programming in LMICs. We recently had the chance to hear her views on the ADP project, including the challenges and opportunities in supporting better access to and delivery of new health technologies in LMICs. She also described ADP’s collaboration with the Global Health Innovative Technology (GHIT) Fund, and the contribution of the Government of Japan in global health. Read more

Indonesia: Health technologies assessment (HTA) for effective priority setting and decision making

The HTA approach is the mainstay for one of the Access Delivery Partnership (ADP) strategic pathways. In Indonesia, the ADP supported the HTA committee (HTAC) in strengthening capacity related to evidence-based decision making and structured priority setting for rational resource allocation for new health technologies that meet the country’s needs. Read more

ADP working paper: New health technologies in the pipeline for TB, malaria and NTDs

The ADP recently published a Pipeline analysis of new products for malaria, tuberculosis and neglected diseases as a working paper. It describes a comprehensive survey of new medicines, diagnostics and vaccines for malaria, TB and selected NTDs, which are currently in the pipeline for market entry by 2020. The paper also addresses potential challenges and key health system requirements for effective introduction of these products in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). In support of evidence-based decision making, it is hoped that the paper can serve as a valuable resource for policy-makers, disease programme managers and other stakeholders involved in health programme planning. Read more


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Indonesia Stakeholder Consultation

A major focus of the consultation workshop was to review updates and implementation progress for each ADP pathway in Indonesia. The workshop addressed current bottlenecks and helped to identify joint work plan and implementation approaches for 2016–2018.

The ADP Public Forum in Indonesia

Following the consultation workshop, the ADP also facilitated a panel discussion to share and exchange information about the ADP’s work in Indonesia and other focus countries with national stakeholders, civil society and other development partners.

ADP Video: Delivering new health technologies for TB, malaria and NTDs

This 7-minute video outlines key information related to the ADP project and maps out its goals, approach and unique collaborations with partners in focus countries. Interviews with country partners, Advisory Group members and key ADP Secretariat staff are combined to tell this compelling story from different perspectives. Watch full video
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