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The Government of Japan’s continuing commitment to improving health outcomes in Tanzania

The ADP held a public forum in Dar es Salaam on 30 March 2017, bringing together government stakeholders, policy-makers, technical experts and the Government of Japan to share and exchange information about ADP efforts in promoting access and delivery of new health technologies in Ghana and Tanzania. This blog post by H.E. Masaharu Yoshida, Ambassador of Japan to Tanzania, reflects the importance of ADP as an integral part of the Government of Japan’s wider strategy towards improving global health outcomes in Africa. Read more

Connecting the dots: Delivering health technologies to meet the SDGs

Connecting the dots across the identification, development, access and delivery continuum for health technologies – and across institutions, sectors and countries – is crucial to ensuring equitable health outcomes among vulnerable communities and meeting the health targets of the SDGs. On the side-lines of the 2017 Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) in Bangkok, the ADP convened a diverse, cross-disciplinary group of experts to explore together how more innovative, enduring linkages can be forged between health R&D and promoting access and delivery of new health technologies. Read more

Indonesia: Using implementation research to address significant bottlenecks in diagnosis and treatment of TB, malaria and NTDs

To introduce safer and more effective health technologies, especially in low- and middle-income countries, it is essential to identify important bottlenecks and barriers. Implementation research is a key approach to strengthening national health systems, so that new health technologies can reach as many people in need, and as quickly as possible. Read more


ADP Publications

The ADP Status Report 2017

Summary of key ADP achievements, from its inception in April 2013 until March 2017. The report highlights the impact that the ADP has had in strengthening capacities in low- and middle-income countries, helping to improve access and delivery of new health technologies for TB, malaria and NTDs. The experience and lessons learned in implementing the ADP’s approach are also described.

Read the report

Issue Brief: African Union ‘Model Law’ for Medical Products Regulation

The ADP recently supported the African Union (AU) Commission to develop a Model Law for Medical Products Regulation, which was subsequently adopted by the AU Heads of State and Government. The Model Law provides a template for AU Member States to adapt best practices for medicines regulation into their national laws, to promote and accelerate access to new health technologies for patients in need. This Issue Brief provides a summary of the key features of the Model Law.

Read the report

National strategies for implementation research for TB, malaria and NTDs (Tanzania, Ghana and Indonesia)

The ADP has supported Tanzania, Ghana and Indonesia in setting their national strategies/agenda on implementation research to help identify and address key bottlenecks within the health system during the introduction of new health technologies for TB, malaria and NTDs, and improve access and delivery among communities most in need.

Read about Ghana's Strategy

Read about Indonesia's Strategy

Read about Tanzania's Strategy

Hear about how ADP is advancing the global health goals of the Government of Japan

Interview with Mr. Kozo Honsei, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in Indonesia, on why the ADP is important to Japan’s global health agenda


Interview with H.E. Masaharu Yoshida, Ambassador of Japan to Tanzania, on the Government of Japan’s contribution to the development of Tanzania’s health system


Interview with Dr. Eiji Hinoshita, Director of Global Health Policy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Japan’s global commitment to advancing universal health coverage


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