25 Jan 2019

Issue#06 - The Access and Delivery Partnership Newsletter January 2019

The Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP) supports the strengthening of policies, systems and capacities needed to ensure medicines and other health technologies for tuberculosis (TB), malaria and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) reach the people in need.

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05 Jun 2017

Issue#05 - The Government of Japan’s continuing commitment to improving health outcomes in Tanzania

The ADP held a public forum in Dar es Salaam on 30 March 2017, bringing together government stakeholders, policy-makers, technical experts and the Government of Japan to share and exchange information about ADP efforts in promoting access and delivery of new health technologies in Ghana and Tanzania...

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09 Dec 2016

Issue#04 - Ensuring access to new health technologies: An interview with UNDP’s Mandeep Dhaliwal

Dr Mandeep Dhaliwal is the Chair of ADP Advisory Group. She has expertise in health, human rights and evidence-based policy and programming in LMICs. We recently had the chance to hear her views on the ADP project, including the challenges and opportunities in supporting better access to and deliver...

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17 Feb 2016

Issue#03 - ADP stakeholders’ meeting: South–South exchange to support implementation

Last month, the ADP brought together the ADP country partners and stakeholders from Ghana, Indonesia, Tanzania and Thailand with the ADP Advisory Group and project team for a side-meeting at the Prince Mahidol Award Conference i n Bangkok, Thailand . The meeting was an opportunity for exchange betwe...

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28 Jul 2015

Issue#02 - Helping governments in Africa improve policy and decision-making processes

A regional consultation meeting on increasing coherence within national policies, legal frameworks and decision-making processes for better access to and delivery of new health technologies was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 21-23 April 2015. The participants included high-level government represe...

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15 Oct 2014

Issue#01 - A unique partnership to combat TB, malaria and NTDs by improving access to and delivery of new heath technologies

The Access and Delivery Partnership is a collaboration between UNDP, TDR and PATH that seeks to improve access and delivery of new health technologies in low- and middle-income countries by working with national stakeholders to build decision-making capacities in a range of areas such as legal and p...

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