Research to ensure continuity of TB care amid COVID-19

By TDR On 29 Jun 2021 Read 648

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many barriers to tuberculosis (TB) treatment and care. In Burkina Faso, a recent study supported by TDR and partners found that the average length...

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Strengthening COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring in African countries

By TDR On 24 Jun 2021 Read 252

As part of the Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP), TDR and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Strengthening Pharmacovigilance Practices in Morocco have developed an e-learning ini...

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New standard operating procedures for drug management helping to end neglected tropical diseases in Senegal

By ADP On 17 May 2021 Read 1121

Health workers distribute medicines during a mass drug administration campaign in 2020. The campaign was aided by new standard operating procedures for NTD drug management, develop...

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Ensuring the safety of the new malaria vaccine in Ghana and Malawi

By ADP On 22 Apr 2021 Read 1180

Health workers with the Ghana Health Service organize a community immunization session where the RTS,S vaccine is delivered alongside other routine vaccines. Malaria-related illnes...

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Understanding and addressing barriers to TB drug safety monitoring in West and Central Africa

By TDR news On 24 Mar 2021 Read 890

Active TB drug-safety monitoring and management (aDSM) is pivotal to ensure the safety of patients with drug-resistant TB who need treatments with new drugs. Since 2015, WHO has re...

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