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An update on the strategic priorities of Uniting Efforts for Innovation, Access and Delivery for 2021-2022

By ADP On 05 Nov 2021 Read 185

Thank you for your continued support for and engagement with the Global Platform – Uniting Efforts for Innovation, Access and Delivery (Uniting Efforts) during these difficul...

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COVID-19: Nobody is safe until everyone is safe

By Keizo Takemi and Achim Steiner On 08 Dec 2020 Read 2946

Almost a year ago, we witnessed the first recorded cases of COVID-19. Since then the virus has devastated communities, systems and economies. For much of the world, and especially ...

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Digitizing vaccine cold chain, key to post-pandemic immunization in Indonesia

By ADP On 25 Oct 2020 Read 3053

For some vaccinators in the vast archipelagic nation of Indonesia, a day in their professional life may involve trekking through deep tropical valleys and jungles or crossing the o...

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Participation at the HTA Workshop in Manila, Philippines (7-9 Jan 2020)

By Thiane Diaw Gueye, Tiguidanke Gassama Deme and Babacar Sow On 29 Jun 2020 Read 1470

ADP, in collaboration with HITAP and the National University of Singapore, supported the participation of three technical personnel for this event from the Senegal National Agency ...

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Vaccinology for Clinical and Public Health Practice: Policy Symposium and Workshop: From participants perspective

By HITAP On 29 Jun 2020 Read 950

To address the challenges associated with the introduction of new vaccines, ADP partnered with the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute and the Jawaharlal Institut...

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