The health of people around the world has improved dramatically in recent years, but millions are still suffering and dying because they can't access the lifesaving medicines and health services they need.

On the one hand, we urgently need new medicines, vaccines and diagnostics to end diseases like HIV, TB and malaria and combat emerging threats like drug resistance and disease outbreaks. At the same time, these innovations mean little without strong health systems to deliver them to people in need.

By addressing bothinnovation & inequality, we can ensure that everyone, everywhere, gets the care they need and deserve.

UNDP and the GHIT Fund hosted an event –Innovation, Access and Delivery for Universal Health Coverage: A Lunch Reception and Photography Exhibition– at the Universal Health Coverage Forum in Tokyo on 12 December. The exhibition features the work of award-winning photographers from around the world and shines a light on lifesaving health innovations and the inequalities that prevent people from accessing them. You can view the online version of the exhibition here