The global response to the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how close collaboration among multiple stakeholders can overcome major hurdles to development, approval and delivery of new diagnostic tests, medicines and vaccines. But opportunities for such intense collaboration are rare and access to new health technologies remains uneven.

2021 should be the year to focus on access and delivery for Covid-19 and beyond, and new ways of doing partnerships must be supported and sustained more broadly.

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Uniting Efforts for Innovation, Access and Delivery is a global platform coordinated by the Government of Japan, the UNDP-led Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP) and the GHIT Fund to promote this kind of ongoing dialogue across the entire innovation, access and delivery continuum.

It brings together funders, innovators, governments, civil society and other access and delivery stakeholders.

By aligning more closely, these sometimes siloed sectors can together create fresh opportunities to accelerate and improve innovation, access and delivery of new health technologies for unmet health needs, particularly those that most affect people in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Although the world has seen tremendous health progress in recent years, billions of people still have limited access to the medicines, diagnostics and vaccines they need to survive and thrive. Diseases such as neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), tuberculosis (TB) and malaria have often failed to attract required attention or funding. Even when diagnostics or treatments are developed, they are often not equally available to those who need them, especially people living in LMICs. Regrettably, we must now add Covid-19 to that list.

Looking forward, opportunities are emerging to address these health priorities more effectively. Just as the coronavirus spotlight has unlocked completely innovative approaches and technologies – such as the power of mRNA vaccines – then other lessons of cross-sector, multisectoral partnerships and building strong political will – can also be harnessed to reach the last mile.

This collaborative platform convened with the Government of Japan and the GHIT Fund is one of the major focuses for ADP in its work to help transform the way health technologies for neglected diseases are financed, discovered, developed and delivered so more people can have access to them.

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