About the ADP Community

The ADP Community brings together stakeholders from a broad range of sectors and disciplines to accelerate access and delivery of new health technologies, primarily for tuberculosis (TB), malaria and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). We welcome government stakeholders, health care providers, scientists, health systems researchers, policy-makers, implementers and programme managers, civil society and nongovernmental organizations, academics, donors and multilateral organizations to be members of the Community.

The combined experience of Community members’ and ADP in-country partners provides a rich source of learning, enabling opportunities for South–South exchanges and for members to learn from each other. As well as bridging across silos, a main objective of the ADP Community is to link members across a set of focus countries (Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Tanzania, Thailand and Senegal) and beyond.

With its four core partners – UNDP, WHO, TDR and PATHADP is well positioned to provide expanded policy and technical support to help strengthen capacities and institutions for the introduction and scale-up of health technologies.

Community members have a shared domain of interest, competence and commitment to advancing equitable access and delivery of new health technologies. This creates common ground, inspires members to participate, guides learning and gives meaning to actions.

The managers of this Community reserve the right to approve membership based on information available.