Tuberculosis caused 1.3 Million deaths
in about 10.6 million people who fell ill with the disease
Malaria claimed 608,000 lives
among an estimated 249 million cases, with children under 5 years old being the most vulnerable
Over 1 billion people
continued to be affected by neglected tropical diseases
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
fuelled a continued global health and development crisis

Featured publications

Access and Delivery Partnership: TB, Malaria and NTD Health Technologies for Those in Need – Impact Stories

This flagship publication highlights the project’s impact on people’s lives since inception in 2013, and underscores the importance of the continued partnership with the Government of Japan.

ADP Status Report 2021

The ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is fueling a global health and development crisis of immense proportions.

Discussion paper: The gender dimensions of neglected tropical diseases

This discussion paper examines the gender dimensions of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Value-based procurement of medical equipment (VBP)

This guide is intended to support public sector procurement teams in resource-constrained health systems to implement a value-based procurement approach when planning for and procuring new medical equipment.

Manual of Standard Operating Procedures for NTDs Drug Management during Mass Drug Administration in Senegal

Manuel des procedures operationnelles standards de gestion des medicaments des maladies tropicales negligees a chimioprevention (mtn-cp) au senegal.

Discussion paper: Landscape of funding and financing opportunities for access and delivery of health technologies for neglected diseases

This landscape analysis provides an overview of existing strategies and needs to fund and finance access and delivery of health technologies for neglected diseases.

COVID-19 diagnostics procurement resource

Explore this interactive tool that supports procurement decisions by aggregating and streamlining publicly available information about the technical specifications, regulatory status, and supply of COVID-19 diagnostic tests.