Research teams

The research team assembled to address a specific IR question or implementation challenge should reflect the full range of disciplines required to address related research question(s). Members of the team have varied roles, they may work in diverse sectors (for example health, finance, planning, academia etc.), and likely have very different backgrounds. The diversity of disciplines and roles is an asset in understanding an implementation problem and developing solution(s) to address it. Because conventional public health training does not typically prepare researchers, practitioners, providers or decision-makers for the types of partnership and interdisciplinary approaches essential for IR, this toolkit includes a dedicated section on team building. It addresses the attributes and core concepts for establishing a successful research team. In recognition of the fact that some members of the team may have limited knowledge of IR, capacity to frame relevant research questions, or design, conduct, manage and interpret research findings for feedback into the health system, the Toolkit provides some guidance on team dynamics and the drivers of effective sustainable teams.

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Implementation Research is a prerequisite for all members of the team. If you have not taken part in that course yet, you should do so before using this Toolkit.

TDR Implementation research toolkit(Second edition)

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